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Every once in a while you come up with a riveting piece of writing. This is one of those times. Thank you so much for the glimpse into someting that is still close to the heart, 30 years afterwards.
Rarely do we read anything about those near to our heros, how their lives are affected by them.
This brief glimse is so worth reading. Thanks.

Norris, outstanding interview! It has been said that behind every great racing driver (sic) there is a great woman. An aside to the mobile home story, when Gilles was away racing snowmobiles, the weather was really cold and the water pipes in the home froze. Joanna crawled under the home in that freezing weather and thawed them with a blowtorch. Is that support or what?

A wonderful interview. Well done Sir!!

Great interview Norris!
A good friend sent me the link to your article and my wife Rose read it to me while we drove around this morning.
Good to see you're still at it!

Gilles was a great inspiration to my racing career growing up in Canada. I remember him well right back to his Skiroule snowmobile racing days as we had the same snowmobiles. Gilles in my opinion was Canada's first 'grass roots' race driver to make it to the big leagues.
He opened the door for all of Canadian drives that followed after him.

It was very good of Joann Villenueve to share her stories.

Gilles is still missed to this day!

Thanks again!

It's a readable interview partly because Joanne Villeneuve is such an alive talker, very natural. I could "hear" her vsaying those words

What a fabulous interview. It really brings tears to the eyes. I have no words to say but to salute the legend and convey my heartiest respects to Joann.

Great job by Norris......good on you mate.

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