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It was Nico Rosberg, not Hulkenberg involved in the crash.
Further, the barriers used in F1 are not safer barriers like nascar but are a modified tire barrier. F1 had energy absorbing barriers, long before nascar did, albeit primarily tires.
Cheers, Terry

Very happy to see Kimi win in his first year back in F1....wonder how Schumacher feels this morning. Long past the time he should have gone. Bad decision to come back. Egomaniacs do that. Small note - it was Rosberg that had the frightening shunt.

Norris, it was the other Nico who crashed into Karthikeyan: Rosberg.

Norris, the TECPRO barriers are different from the SAFER barriers. The SAFER barriers are different structurally and they are composed of a steel reinforced polystirene foam whilst the TECPRO barriers are interchangeable polyethylene blocks. The SAFER barrier would not work well in a typical circuit crash and vice versa. Norris they are indeed two different things

It's a nice daydream, but I don't think a racing circuit is among the ideas that are seriously being considered for Ontario Place. And as interesting as that Abu Dhabi track looks now, I wouldn't be surprised if, much like Ontario Place, it becomes a little-used white elephant in a couple of decades.

On a similar note, I'm disappointed that at some point in the last 5-10 years apparently no one seriously considered using Downsview Airport for a race, in a manner similar to other airfield circuits such as Edmonton, Sebring, Silverstone, etc. It almost certainly could have provided better viewing vantage points for spectators than the Exhibition Place layout, without having to close any major roads and probably requiring less of the temporary fencing and barriers. Bombardier, who sponsored IndyCar races, owns the sparingly-used airport. Bob Singleton, who was general manager of Champ Car events in Toronto and San Jose, was in charge of events at the adjacent Downsview Park, and I believe they had (outdoor) karting and drifting events. A TTC subway and GO Train station are being built there, and it's near the 401 and could presumably also have lots of temporary parking.

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