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Vettel did say the f word on purpose and he knew what he was doing.
I don't know the reason, but he made himself look immature.
Those drivers know very well how to conduct an interview. They wanted to make it different this time.
Perhaps they don't like the format (talking on the podium) and this is one way to embarrass the organizers.

When I watched the post race interviews, I chuckled when Kimi used the "s-word", but then we all know Kimi. It almost looked like Vettel felt he had to get one up on him by using the "f-word", but it came across a bit wooden. But look on the bright side. As the word gets out, maybe the kids will start watching F1 as much as they now watch South Park.

Well Norm, you were wrong about the NASCAR stars not saying the F word on camera anytime soon, as none other than soon-to-be-champion Brad K said the F-word several times this past weekend about the Gordon/Bowyer incident, on camera, in a press conference. He was angry about being vilified all last week for driving too hard/banging wheels with JJ, then seeing Gordon take Bowyer out basically right in front of him. Check out the vid at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q18Mg3qyi_Y

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