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The development of the Fort Erie track is I think not great news for Mosport's ambitions.
None of these tracks will get Sprint Cup because they are not ISC-owned.
The Mosport tower's demise was long overdue, it was so outdated and insufficient.

Nicely done!
Have a great day... inspite of the election noise on the other side of the lake.


As someone who has passed the Mosport tower many times (usually buried in the middle of the pack) it was with a strong sense of nostalgia that I read your column about its' demise. While I applaud the modifications to the track, still!!!

Like some others, I worry about southern Ontario's ability to support both Mosport and Fort Erie. Do you believe there will be enough work to keep both places profitable?

If they want to attract large crowds from the GTA, both the new Fort Erie speedway and Mosport are going to have to understand that it's not 1972 anymore. One thing I noticed on message boards, comment sections and on talk radio over the last week was that Mosport was only acknowledged or mentioned by ardent racing fans. Others, including just about everyone under 40, don't know it exists. Last night I heard a long interview with Azhar Mohammad of CMS in which he mentioned that no one today can just expect huge crowds to show up after they build a track in the middle of nowhere. I'm not sure the people operating Mosport have understood that, and it seems they think families in station wagons with tents for camping are their only potential spectators. But maybe with the new owners, renovations, and competition across the lake, Mosport may finally be compelled to move into this century.

If they are gonna screw up Mosport with improvements to hold CRAPCAR races, they should just have waited and held them at an oval, the only thing those rednecks can barely drive around.

Being from Fort Erie, perhaps I can offer you some local perspective. Fort Erie is indeed a small Canadian town, but there's 3 markets to pull people from. Buffalo, is just across a bridge from the track, and it's a relatively short drive to take. Toronto is probably the farthest market, but those willing to drive down to Niagara Falls, have a bit of a longer drive. Niagara Falls it's self is a draw, and also shares a bridge into the US market.

The reasons for the delays stem from 3 sources.

Environmentalists just because they are environmentalists, tried to use everything to derail the project. To give the developer credit, there's a stream on the property. Rather than risk contaminating it, part of the first phase is to address that issue, and redirect the stream.

Money. Not that isn't enough of it. There's a lot of international restrictions and red tape, to move money from the Middle East into Canada.

More money. There's 2 residential plots of land near the project, but aren't required for it's construction. With the problems arising from problem 2, I am guessing the developer wants to use money for some critical to start the project. So one of the land owners launched a legal suit. Which basically comes down to the developer paying the land owner a temporary monthly stipend, because he can't/won't close the deal at agreed times. So the land owner wants to sue the developer, pay him a larger than market price for the house, and cover his legal fees.

In a nutshell, landowner getting antsy and wants to be paid. Wants a larger value for the house, and wants to keep the stipend he's accrued money on top of what, with a topping of paying his legal fees.

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