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Come on Norris !!! I have been a fan of yours since the early Oswego days,but I totaly disagree about Boyer. He did not puposly take out Johnson and Gorden at Martinsville. He was hit from behind by evnentual winner Newman,and pushed into the other two drivers causing them all to wreck!! I am by no means a Boyer fan (smoke),but I think Jeff could have got even at say Daytona,and claimed his racecar was not handling,instead of taking out the guy who quite likely would have been in second place in points or could have finished second after Miami. I am not even going to sugjest that it had something to do with team car's ????? I know Jeff has had a very frustating season,but I alway's thought he had more class.

Marshal Pruett on speedtv.com had a series of articles analysing why Bernard might have gotten fired. There are a series of missteps and misunderstandings, not just the turbo-gate a Long Beach.
The restart at Loudon in the rain; the price of the Dallara and cost of spare parts - promises vs.delivery; the negotiating style; the drivers not wanting to race at Las Vegas and the outcome; Bernard was always considered an outsider; the doubleheader weekends in 2012 (you mentioned that earlier); etc,etc..

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