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I don't think Joe Gibbs and Richard Petty's teams would be pleased to see Bowyer-Gordon go unpunished. Their cars were both wrecked too.

If you watch the replay, Bowyer oversteers into Gordon as he tries to make a pass by driving onto the apron.

The whole thing just stinks of that kind of bush league local oval track crap that goes on at hundreds of tracks weekly during the racing season. You can't race in a circle and not expect conflict when you have fenders.

It is clear to me that the yellow should have been thrown for the fluid on the track from Danica's wreck. (Not for debris from Gordon's car, that was cleaned up during the red flag). It's happened before many times that someone spins on a restart or whatever and they have time to get going again before the field comes around, so they don't interrupt the flow of the race, but in this case Danica's car was trailing a huge amount of fluid onto the track in the racing line as she drove through turn 4. It nearly took Harvick out, he just caught the slide before he hit the wall. The yellow for fluid in turn 4 would not have caused Harvick or anyone to run out of fuel because he would have seen the white flag before the yellow, so the yellow would have ended the race at the moment it was thrown. Also, it would have prevented JJ from gaining the finishing position he got from completing the extra laps of the G-W-C.

I can't get CTV2 in HD where I live, so I've got a lovely SD race. Also not at the time TSN scheduled it, which means my plans to have people over to watch it are shot up nicely.

Nice job, TSN. They haven't even bothered to update their website with this information. Thanks for mentioning it!

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