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Fixed or not, this begins the NASCAR/Danica Patrick 3 ringed circus. I was a fan for several years but I'll be the first to admit that there is a great deal of politicking in the sport now a days, it's driven off most of their fans and I full believe that Nascar is using her to try and generate some much needed buzz. If she had been anyone else under the sun she would have never even made it to cup, she's really not all that great of a driver, there are better drivers who sadly have been in the nationwide series way longer than her who have more talent than her that are sadly stuck there while we are forced to be spoon fed the Danica Patrick show by Nascar, she's about the only person that Nascar's facebook page has talked about in the last week. Lover her or hate her, Nascar LOVES the buzz she's bringing them in this time when they so desperately need it...
(And before you go crying that I'm jealous or whatever, no. I would totally respect her if she could drive and if Nascar wasn't trying to shove her down our throats.)

NASCAR lets people keep wins when they have been caught cheating, so how much credibilty do they honestly have when they do not DQ people? You do realize that everybody in Monster Jam is in on the show don't you?

The fact you mention the poor crowd for Saturday's race is all the more reason to give the media darling a faster car then anyone else.

This is all a setup. NASCAR made sure she a quite a few more ponies under her hood than everyone else because as you can see it has created quite a lot of publicity for NASCAR which is in dire need of some buzz and publicity. But she won't even finish on the lead lap if she finishes at all. Then there won't be any tear down inspection of her motor. She is a joke and NASCAR has become a joke with their new IROC (Gen 6) car.

I know you can't prove a negative, but there comes a time when you have to ask whether she has an "tweeked" car. Suprising how little response from the rest of the competitors, considering the magnitude of this "historic" event, in grabbing pole.
I would suggest that most of the paddock knows about the legitimacy of the qualifying attempt.

The crowd for the Sprint Unlimited was bad, but the crowd for the Late Model race last night was terrible. Irwindale used to pack the stands for the All Star Showdown. Hopefully these races will get moved back to Irwindale now that racing is back there.

The reality is that there is no fix, and "haters gonna hate."

The reality is that it's a restrictor plate track, which means pole position is incredibly irrelevant. No pole at Daytona or Talladega means a damn thing, regardless of who's driving. All it means is that Hendrick found an extra 1.2 hp under their restrictor plate, or had a tiny bit more tape on one part of the grille than the next.

She should be getting the same amount of praise anyone on pole at a plate track gets. No more, no less. There is no "fix" because no fix is necessary.

Winning at a plate track takes just about as much skill as landing the pole. All four plate races are one big joke, the only difference is this one is called "The Great American Race." The only thing you need to win a plate race is massive luck and massive balls.

This is a response to John, that thinks there is no fix in Nascar. Rick Hendrick is the worst thing that has every happened to Nascar, he is the choosen GM team.
Take a look at the latest version of the engines the Convict Rick team is currently using, you could not tell the difference between a Ford engine and a GM engine.
Dodge and Ford have always taken a back seat to GM in Nascar, why do you think all the drivers want to be in a Hendrick car.
What has happened to Dale Earnhardt Jr. has not won a pole at a restricter plate track is years, bit all of a sudden a driver with limited NASCAR experince wins the pole in a hendrick car?
How many cars does Convict Rick have dealings with a Daytona?
Convict Rick should not be allowed to have affliations with so many othe GM teams, by the way Convict Rick will poach another GM team to get the Budwieser sponorship along with another establihed driver.

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