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The track is fine, it is the sanctioning bodies "Formula" that needs to be repaired.

Have you noticed how many times in these wrecks that Keselowski is involved? This Drama for your Mama made for TV artifcially close racing is why this happens. And all the safety improvements in the cars make for bonehead moves by bonehead drivers.

The media needs to walk away from the crew in Daytona and stop treating it as anything more the a sideshow, and not real racing. Only then will they smarten up and make the whole thing relevant, although how is a 350 V-8 going in circles relevant to what we drive on the street?

This mentality that has been put forth by the NASCAR people, drivers and media, is unacceptable.
They feel they got off the hook because nobody died. That's their measuring stick. So irresponsible.
They all should consider yesterday's crash as if people had died.
If they don't do anything, it is a matter of time someone will die in the grandstands and they will all be liable by not acting on what happened yesterday.
They should stop using restrictor plates immediately, for one.

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