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Norris, you and I are of a like mind. We have four boys and I discouraged two of them early on who wished to follow in my footsteps; and this was into amateur racing. Let them decide after the age of puberty.

Sad story to read. Had to be tougher to write. RIP Kenny.

I had the same reactions several months ago when I was looking at the wikipedia page of Virginia International Raceway to see the maps of the different possible layouts, and saw the note that the most recent fatality was a 14-year-old motorcycle racer.

If I can perhaps inappropriately change the subject to something else discussed here ten days ago, relating to the now confirmed demise of Speed TV in five months:
I committed to my present cable TV package in large part because it included Speed. Now, starting on August 17, this motorsports channel will no longer exist. I have notified my cable provider to suggest they start planning to replace Speed on that date with another motorsports channel, with Motors TV as the most likely candidate, and if this does not occur, I may downgrade or cancel my service. Maybe other Canadian motorsports viewers could also contact their cable or satellite TV providers with a similar message.

Back in my day kids under 16 were not allowed on such powerful motorcycles, but today I routinely see kids on bikes and snowmobiles that are way to heavy and powerful for them for their young undeveloped minds and bodies.

Sanctioning bodies and promotoers will do anything for a buck these days, and parents in many cases have zero to low skills in riding these machines, and let it happen in order to keep up with the Joneses. How can a parent that has never ridden one of these bikes determine if they are too much for a child? I've ridden and raced many a motorcycle or snowmobile, and most are far faster then most people are aware of, and are not for low skilled or phyically weak riders. They can and will get a person into trouble in very short order.

The other problem with powersports these days is if you compare their rulebooks with say the one for ASN Karting Canada, they have pretty lax rules. You generally don't have to go through the same steps of passing physicals and eye sight tests they make you pass to race a kart or a car.

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