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First of all thank you Sportsnet for your involvement. If their participation attracts new Canadian viewers to the Indy series we all win.

However, as a long time supporter of this series I couldn't help recalling, while watching Sunday's broadcast, the irritating way Brian Williams used to always say "Paul Tracy from West Hill, Ontario" every time Paul was on screen during a race. It made me shudder.

The US media was often criticized for focusing on American athletes at Olympic events and the like. We Canadians prided ourselves on a more inclusive perspective. Not any more.

It was a fabulous race Sunday and I look forward to the next round. The fledgling Sportsnet crew can only get better. Mr. Producer a little less Maple Syrup next time.

I agree with the notion that the sportsnet reporters added nothing to the broadcast, moreover, they denied the viewers a lot of the post-race interviews with drivers down the finishing order.
They cut off the De Silvestro interview for another rehash of the Hinchcliffe feel-good story.
NBC does a great pre-race show with Jon Beekhuis having tech access and news, and doing great post-race interviews with practically all the drivers in the top ten, as time allows.
Sportsnet provided nothing enhancing, instead taken away a lot!!

TSN still lousy and cheap with no F1 pre-race news and discussion (where is Donaldson?).

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