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"NASCAR will give the Canadian Tire stock car series similar exposure by including it on the program at Watkins Glen in August"
I don't think that will happen this year, as that conflicts with the Three Rivers weekend.

I remember when I saw the first commercial for Speed channel, I thought to myself "Awesome, wouldn't it be great to get some comprehensive coverage of Bonneville speed trials, Reno air races and Unlimited Hydro's?" Boy was I wrong, I say good riddance to the whole thing and you are right Norris what a wasted opportunity.

I wondered what was happening at Speed when Wind Tunnel returned as just a 1/2 hour show. Speed was my main reason for having cable TV. Curiously, it looks like it's the first channel on my cable to lose its analog signal, requiring the installation of a digital adapter.

I really loved Speed when it had air races and hydroplane races as well as motorsports. Since Fox acquired it, it's steadily gone down hill with all the redneck reality shows. But replacing speed with yet another stick-and-ball channel for the Great Unwashed is the ultimate indignity.

Has the demise of Speed been officially confirmed yet by NewsCorp/Fox? For about a year there's been all kinds of stories from the outside saying it's going to happen, but as far as I know there has still been no official announcement. If it does happen, does the new Fox Sports channel or channels continue to carry non-Nascar racing like Sebring, etc.? And would it continue to be available in Canada after the name and format change? Other channels like TNN/Spike and CBS Sports channel have remained available in Canada, but Fox Sports remaining may be more contentious.

I also completely ignore the "reality" shows, and miss all of the historic racing shows they had when we started getting the channel as Speedvision in the 1990s. I watch sports car racing, record Speed Center so I can fast forward through the Nascar stuff to see the F1, IndyCar, and sportscar stories, but otherwise there's nothing of interest to me left on Speed.

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