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Hello Norris,

I live in Wisconsin a short distance from the historic Milwaukee Mile. I stumbled across your column while looking for Toronto news about the Mayor of Hinchtown. I enjoy it so much that I now read it each day as well as Curt Cavin's column in the Indianapolis Star. This IndyCar season has had some very exciting racing and many interesting storylines. I would like to see more IndyCar races in Canada. What (where) would be your choice for a second race? I enjoy your coverage of the short tracks also.

Ron Ford

Don't be bagging on Indycar for blocking when your heroes that can't even race in the rain (NASCAR) have people up above telling drivers how to block and which way to move to do it.That is what causes most of their crashes btw.

After a great and exciting egde of the seat final 20 laps in Brazil, the farce that is NASCAR should be thankful that Ryan Newman or Kurt Busch was not hurt in another of their demo derby inspired (races)

I was not a fan of the new Indycar as it is butt ugly, but to watch a local guy win on that stage against some pretty stout talent sure made a weekend without F-1 worthwhile.

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