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Interesting. You spend an article blasting a rookie and claiming his inexperience should disqualify him from running the race, and he has the temerity to go and finish second.

Surely you should more crcumspectely consider your opnions?

Do you think Lotus is regretting their decision to promote Grosjean (is that "big flop" in French?) over Canadian Robert Wickens? Sometimes the almighty Euro should not be the only reason.

Munoz finished second the 2012 Indy Lights race at the Speedway. It may not be dirt, but it's still an oval.

You seriously underestimated Munoz's talent. Were you not really plugged into the Indy scene? Did you not consider the weeks of practice Munoz had leading up to the 500? Did you really second guess everyone involved in the 500: officials, teams, drivers?? At the very least, you owe your readers a little more thorough "post-race teardown" of your pre-Indy column than what you have written.

Norris, interesting to see all these negative comments about your Munoz blog from readers who probably have never turned a wheel on a racetrack. Little do they know of the chaos that a rookie can cause at the start of a race when the rookie is mixed in with experienced drivers. You and I both know.

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