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I did not find this Indy 500 race exciting despite the record number of passes for the lead. Too many passes lent a feeling of gokart racing, not major league racing.
What Indy needs is a freed up rulebook. When all the chassis are the same, it is not exciting.
Not only the fans are keeping away, but the engine manufacturers also do not get any publicity. Who can tell which is Honda which is Chevy?
We need to see more types and makes of engines and chassis. We need to let the better teams show how they are faster. It appears every team is able to operate with the same performance. That shows something is too easy and limited.

"What is going on? It’s the Indy 500, for God's sake."

That's exactly the attitude Tony George had when he broke away from CART and started IRL, which I called then and will continue to call the Irrelevant Racing League. He took the fans for granted thinking the 500 would trump all. Well, here we are today Tony, the 500 is irrelevant. I got up early to watch the Monaco GP on TV, did some outdoor activities that afternoon, then watched the Coca-Cola 600 in the evening. The Indy 500 didn't even register with me. And never will. CART was a North American "F1" and was worth watching. IRL is a joke. Even if they can call it IndyCar, it's still irrelvant. How many of those IRL drivers could get a NASCAR or F1 seat? I say none of them. They're all NASCAR and F1 rejects. If any of them were any good they'd be in one of those series.

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