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At last years Canadian GP I was in the stands at turns 6 - 7; on the victory lap Lewis drove right off the track, pointed to the crowd and gave us a big wave.

I think you're being a bit heavy on the arrogant bit.


After having been to every kind of major and minor form of racing there is, I find that the NASCAR crowd is without a doubt the most arrogant, and the way Tony Stewart behaved on his first visit to Ohsweken is more then enough to never return to that track or a WoO race. Refused to sign autographs, and when he did, people had to pay for them. If that isn't a stuck up arrogant snot, I don't know who or what is then.

Many of the ex F-1 guys like Mc Nish and Pirro along with many others now in sportscars have always been great, outgoing people compared to the attitudes I have witnessed from sprint car and stock car drivers.

And so what if the F-1 guys are a but stuck up, I am sure they get sick of the same dumb questions every week from the media. I know I wouldn't tolerate have the stuff asked if I was in their shoes. Plus, they are the best in the world, racing rain or shine.

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