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Didn't Trudeau attend the Grand Prix back in the day? Seem to remember seeing pictures of him in Gerry's Villeneuve book.

Pierre Trudeau attended the Canadian Grand Prix when Gilles Villeneuve won n 1978.

..and not so long ago, P.E. Trudeau, handed Gilles Villeneuve his winner's trophy, a giant "stubby" bottle of Labatt 50.

Didn't Trudeau attend the year Gilles won and hand him the trophy in 1978?

So a PM besides Jean Chretien has attended the race.

Norris you are beginning to scare me, you don't remember 1978 the first race in Montreal? Trudeau was at the race and if not mistaken presented a trophy on the podium....

The fatality occurred - according to eyewitness reports and what the media did not speak clearly - after the race was over, when the mad scrambling is going on to recover the broken F1 cars while the crowd is flooding the circuit, threatening property.
The marshals are put into undue pressure and confusion when they are protecting the cars from carnage.
This is typical problem of the Montreal circuit, for years it has been going on. absolutely chaotic times and the trackside workers are most tired after the long race weekend.

Trudeau was also at the 1968 race at St. Jovite/Mt. Tremblant, having been brought there by a helicopter.

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