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When I first saw that racer.com article last week I was also surprised that someone could seriously claim Mosport/CTMP may not make it onto the 2014 schedule. But reading it again and thinking about it some more, it's not too far-fetched. Even Mr. Fellows has now acknowledged there is only a 50% chance.

Canada is an afterthought for Nascar, along with almost all the teams and sponsors, and if there's only ten or twelve races, having one outside the country does not help them.

While they may have made some improvements, the place stuck is 40 years in the past in some ways, not just the physical facility itself but also how it is operated. It is no where near up to the standards of a place like Circuit Of The Americas (or most modern sports facilities for that matter). The article mentions a requirement to greatly increase spending to promote the race. While there were radio and TV ads, and that Dundas Square thing again, yesterday's race was not on TV in Canada as far as I know. Apart from a very small number of ardent racing fans, few GTA residents under 40 years old have ever heard of Mosport and certainly never been there, because they're not part of the RV/camping crowd Mosport seems to be content with. They're just not going to get many younger urban and suburban people to show up at Mosport without increased and more innovative promotion, and ways to get them there.

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