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I know that Hinch seemed to hate the idea of the double headers but I asked one driver, who has endurance racing experience, which was harder, LeMans OR two races in Toronto?? Iwas surprised that his answer was LeMans! Explanation. At LeMans you do three or four long stints in the car, including night driving! Here you do two 2 hr sprint races separated by 20 hours and get to sleep in a nice bed and have a full meal between races!

It's good that Sportsnet suddenly discovered the existence of motorsports in the last couple of years, but already they appear to have stopped carrying the ALMS. We were unable to see the Lime Rock race and apparently even Mosport/CTMP, the only ALMS round in Canada, will not be shown on Sportsnet as it was last year. You'd think they could at least show it on tape delay over night.

We don't even get to see the other Toronto races that people in the US can see on TV. More than once this weekend during the post-race presentations at the track I heard announcers (including Greg Creamer after Sunday's World Challenge GT race) say something along the lines of "Don't forget you can watch this race on the NBC Sports Network coming up on (insert date of broadcast here)". Well, no, WE can't here in Canada because we can't get that channel, and our channels, Sportsnet and TSN, don't show these series.

I would be far more impressed with Bell or Rogers if they had seen the great opportunity to start their own motorsport channel to quickly replace Speed in all of the Canadian cable and satellite packages. They could have gotten almost all of the programming from the American (NBC, Fox, ESPN) and European (Motors TV, EuroSport) sports channels, and only have to produce a bare minimum amount of their own programming to be granted a licence from the CRTC, which could have been done relatively easily since they already run sports channels. Maybe a weekly motorsports news show, and some coverage of Canadian racing -- as TSN already does with the Canadian Nascar series. With a year and a half warning that Speed would be disappearing, they could have done this without too much trouble and have been ready to replace Speed on August 17 -- a rare opportunity these days to get immediate carriage for a new channel.

Failing that, I'm going to be more p.o.'d at Rogers and Bell if they don't replace Speed with Motors TV. If they don't, it may be time to cancel my Rogers service entirely and go to a non-conglomerate internet provider.

"The corporate suites were all full, as were the grandstands"
Yes, maybe...but, there are 50% less of both!!
The race is a mere shadow of the Molson days, just sayin' :-)

I totally agree with both KRB and U2B!
Furthermore, the grandstands did not look nearly as filled on Saturday than on Sunday.
It is evident from seeing the trackside sponsorships that the big-time sponsors had left the event long ago; Budweiser had also gone. Nobody erected beer gardens. The beer title was replaced with "sample some craft brews". Oh well... Florida Vacations had huge banners in several corners... Sonny's BBQ on one of the Indycars...

As for TV, Saturday was done superbly, when Sportsnet let NBC cover the post-race interviews instead of the Canadian crew talking amongst themselves. Todd Lewis's extra interviews provided further good value, however.
Sunday, not so. The post-race coverage was a shambles, only the podium finishers got words.
I would rather not see Canadian pre- and post-race discussions, but let the host broadcaster (BBC in case of Formula 1) do its job by providing longer airtime before and after a race.

Kudos to the organizers for retrying the standing start on Sunday, and thankfully the drivers didn't go nuts and cause "The Big One" on turn 1 like I feared these rookies would. ICS should use standing starts for all road/street course races, rolling starts for ovals.

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