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With the exception of Daytona, Talladega, Bristol & Martinsville, most Nascar ovals do not lend themselves to 'The Big One' and Nascar fans know this. Heck, on the cookie cutters (and Indy & Pocono) the cars can't get close enough to wreck! And your estimate for the Friday races at Indianapolis looked right on from what I saw on TV. Sad.

Ecclestone has scouted Budapest as early as 1982 for a GP, first at the Varosliget (City Park) as possible venue, midtown.
The Hungarian government has gotten into the turism business - building of grand hotels and the likes - at the time because they were desperate to gain western currency to finance the country's economy.
When the current venue out of town was decided on, the track got built in record speed.
Today, the Hungarian government still uses the same formula. They now paid for rights and the race is contracted until 2021. The F1 race is not sustainable without government money (i.e. stolen misused money from taxpayers).
They say that F1 feels the economic depression last. Now it has arrived. Not only they rely on pay drivers because investors fleeing, but they have extra expenditure to make on technology for the new 2014 rules.

The idea of NASCAR racing at Indy is a sacrilege still. Kissing the bricks by anyone other than the winner of the Indy 500 is a sacrilege. The spectator count and the racing at Indy for NASCAR was terrible. Lots of exposed aluminium. How long this race gonna last?

Grand Am may not do as well at Mosport either if they insist on banning Le Mans prototypes.

One of the things I've read about the possible selection process for the 2014 USCR schedule regarded a requirement to increase spending on promoting the race. Mosport/CTMP may well need to improve in that regard (and in some other areas), but at least they have something to build on. Sports car racing has always had regional popularity built up and maintained in a few places over many years, while being largely unknown or ignored outside of those few places.

I can understand they may want to be in some major markets and venues, and there does need to be some carefully considered attempts to expand, but you have to wonder how many more years of racing on a Friday evening in front of a few dozen people in the vast empty grandstands at IMS (or other "rovals" or venues where they get ignored as support races) they will put up with before realizing it may be doing them more harm than good, particularly if continuing to do it means dropping other places like Mosport, Mid Ohio, Lime Rock, etc., where they already have some reasonable level of success and history.

Norris, you be interested in this story. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/formula1/23493372

The BBC are reporting that despite the new engine regs next season, total output power of the 1.6 turbo V6 plus the ERS may be as high as 850 bhp - approx 70bhp in excess of what the 2.4 NA V8 is throwing out now, remarkable. That and the predicted downforce the cars may produce are forcing Pirelli to ask for change in the 2014 tyre dimensions.

Its got to be good that F1 isnt going to be diluted on the car performance front but the fact that Pirelli have clearly been shocked by this - are they being left out of the loop?

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