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This was actually pretty thought-provoking (shrinking 'violent' aside).

Call me naive (really) but I was kind of hoping Busch would say "You know what, Furniture Row has been great, and I want to stick around because I'm having fun."

Ah well.

Can't wait to see what happens. Interesting story to say the least.

"I'd really be happy for my company, Haas, to be in the winner's circle. I've never been there."

Haas Automation has been on the hood of Newman's car for a number of races. Newman's victories for the team have all been with different primary sponsors, never Haas.

OK this dude is out of his Freak'n mind.... I understand and agree that there is something behind closed doors that warranted this move. We all know that HassCnC Racing wasn't the team it is now until Tony's coming over and making it is what it is. His money,sponsors, not to mention his ability which they never had until he came over. This is only the beginning...... the end..... dude really.... that's how rumors get started.... LOL....

When Gene Haas said, "I’ve never been there", I believe he was referring to Haas Automation has never seen victory lane as a primary sponsor.

It's an interesting theory, but I hope that Gene doesn't forget that before Tony Stewart came along, his cars were running mid pack on a good day. I doubt he'd want to de-link himself from the Tony Stewart brand anytime soon.
It just may be that he is asserting some of his rights as a partner in that deal, namely to have a say in who drives for the team. I have no idea what their internal arrangement is, but unless Gene Haas formed some subsidiary race team that is receiving all of its cars, crews, and tech from Stewart - Haas, I imagine that Tony had to sign off on the deal. It might not have been too hard for him to do that, especially if Gene is willing to run Kurt's car using his company's sponsorship money. At that point it becomes a no brainer. Now, when they said they weren't ready to expand to four cars, I think what they were really saying is that they wouldn't expand to four cars unless the RIGHT opportunity came along. Signing Kurt Busch is certainly that opportunity, and if he can remember the lessons of the last few years, he's going to be a force to be reckoned with in good equipment again.

While we have not seen the last of Tony Stewart, we may have seen his best. His age and condition are questionable.

Kurt Busch and his team have had very good luck adapting to the new car, Ryan Newman and Tony Stewart have not. Kurt is being hired for his know how. They are going to extract that information and whatever happens next.....

Also, he could be coming it at a rate that is quite a bit less than Ryan's as well.

Could very well be what you have said as well.

SHR is successful and respected because of accurate decisions they have made. From what I have read, each driver that has driven for SHR is "honored" to drive for them. Even if is for one race. Being a fan of Tony Stewart, I believe he will be ready to tackle whatever comes his way because there will be nothing stopping him. This is his time to shine brighter than any other star!!


Here is the deal... Tony had a seriously crushed lower right leg, which has not been reported; not simply a broken tibia and fibula. There are bone fragments that, hopefully, will re-align and heal. This is why Tony has disappeared and is out for the remained of the season. My guess is that Kurt was brought into the team to fill the gap that Tony may no longer be able to fill. It wouldn't surprise me if next year we end up seeing Kurt in the 14 with Tony sitting on the box in a owner/management role.

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