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I don't know what made you think they were going to announce the 2014 schedule at Road America this past weekend. Atherton said in mid July that they were hoping to announce it in the next 60 days. That's mid September.


Virginia International Raceway is eminently dropable? It's one of road racing's jewels in North America.

And there's no way that they're killing off Kansas Speedway so you'd be incorrect there. They built a infield road course in large part just for sportscars as part of their upgrades, it's a ISC owned facility and we all know what the ownership of this new combined series is and the people behind ISC, and this was its inaugural year.

It's one of the few guarantees next year and I believe that they have a contract for two more years if I correctly remember what they said on the telecast. Even without the ownership overlap that assures it, I'm assuming that USC is doing their best to honor existing Grand-Am & ALMS contracts with race circuits where events and scheduling are concerned.

I got a feeling that the endurance races are going to take a hit though. The Rolex 24 at Daytona and the 12 Hours of Sebring are assured due to their history and because the series owners own one of them and have a long-term lease inherited from Panoz for the other. But I worry that the 6 Hours at the Glen and Petit Le Mans (1000 miles or 10 hours) are at risk. They're both owned by this group but the events aren't as prestigious as the other two.

Four endurance races during the course of a season might be deemed too expensive for the teams. And with the de-emphasis of racing on what's now Fox Sports 1 (I'm not even sure if they bid for this and really wanted it or merely inherited an obligation due to Speed's relationship with Grand-Am), I'm not so sure that their broadcast partner would be crazy about so many lengthy events.

As it is, I can't imagine something like the Rolex 24 getting the amount of coverage it did under Speed when there are now things like volleyball matches to air and obligations with multiple sporting groups. They trimmed enough as it was for things like the 6 Hours at the Glen to accommodate NASCAR talk shows, Speed's horrible original programming, etc.

Forgot to add that we now know that there will be 13 events.

11 will be combined and apparently 1 will be a standalone race for the prototypes and another will be for the GT cars to help keep cost in control for the teams while maximizing their number of venues they visit. And presumably this is also being done in part to allow them to visit venues that can't easily handle fields of that size due to small courses and cramped pit & garage facilities.

And a bit more detail about the Glen & Road Atlanta are warranted from my post last night. I'm not suggesting that the events themselves are in danger. They're both popular venues, are NASCAR owned, have a lot of history, etc. So I think they're both as good as guaranteed to be on the combined calendar.

I just worry that they might not retain the endurance distance and will be shortened to be in tune with a typical event. And I think that would be a shame.

Nearly 1/3 of the 13 race schedule being endurance events just seems like something we shouldn't hope too hard for...

Detroit will be back on the schedule if Indycar goes back. It is difficult to see why they won't. Hopefully MidOhio will be along with Indycar in August(assuming Indycar is back which they may not be). If not well another great weekend in June.

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