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No Canadians in the truck race? No interest to attend.
Two trucks should have been donated for two young(proven winners)
to attract the fans. Ron Fellows should be looking after that.

There's been more advertising than for any other southern Ontario race this year, but I still get the feeling that most people in the GTA, particularly almost everyone under 40, have never heard of Mosport(CTMP).
It is going to be shown live in Canada on Speed at 2 pm on Sunday Sept. 1.


BTW - the Fort Erie oval/road course complex may finally be getting shovels in the ground in the next few weeks once the archeological survey finishes. I assume it could be open for racing as soon as 2015, although the question of what events they may have remains unanswered.

Trucks on dirt earlier in the season, now Trucks on a road course. Should be an interesting race.

Based on how they all crash on a simple oval, I wonder if they will have enough parts to make it through the weekend?

I also think the crowd may get upset when around half the race distance is behind a pace car, since I cannot see these guys adapting, and if they wanted to be road racers, they would not have got into oval racing.

Another sad marketing gimmick from a dying sanctioning body.

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