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Sonoma did have a lot of yellows, though no more than any NASCAR restrictor plate race ever run. I agree with you that Dallenbach's comments were over the top, but after watching numerous replays of the pit incident I disagree that Dixon was careless. I suppose race control has no choice but to penalize someone when a crewman is hit, but I think the Penske crewman was careless, not Dixon.

Travis Law, the Penske crewman was walking as if on a walk in park with the tire on his left hip and walked right into Dixon's rear wing. Did he do it on purpose. Well, it is hard to prove intent, but it sure looks like he tried to make things as difficult as possible for Dixon. The white lines are NASCAR pit box lines.

Dallenbach was absolutely correct, the Penske crewmember instigated the contact. The right-rear tire changer should be suspended by Indycar (by Penske first) for unsportsmanlike conduct. He knew Dixon was fighting for the lead and he wanted to impede Dixon's progress. You can also recall that the gun hose was also laying so far out, there was no urge to pull it in. The guy did not even look at Dixon!! The tire was on his hip hanging out as far as possible.
Why Indycar cannot ask the promoter to repaint the pit boxes? Why is it acceptable to a "major" racing series (or self-proclaimed major) to leave the NASCAR pitboxes marked out before their own race?
This is rather bush league when the Indycar director Barfield admits that the pit boxes we see are not theirs! His reference was the advertising banners glued onto pit wall??!!
Dallenback was also correct to say that in place of Dixon's he would have kept racing and not coming in. I would not have either. Why Ganassi immediately relented is for politics. If this were the last race of the year, he would not have yielded.

As long as Indycar race control continues to make idiotic calls, the racers are right to criticize publically and by whatever means!

They call yellows for any little incident because of the shortage of track workers. And, because the cheapskate car design is still missing the on-board starter.

Re: IndyCar race in Sonoma a disgrace all-'round

Hard to disagree with your writings, but.....

Your “The next time any driver or team spokesperson publicly criticizes the officials or the officiating of this series — in any way, shape or form — they will be fined $100,000.”

I guess would make your “Please. These Indy people want to call themselves professionals?” worth, what, maybe $50,000.00?

How come you bag on Indycar for rough driving, but praise up the stock car clowns that are noted for being nothing more then overpaid demo derby drivers?

Of course F-1 would seem boring when they do not bunch up the field like most North American series. Think what NASCAR would be like if they could go 500 miles without throwing a caution? Real races are won by wide margins, and more often then not those close finishes in oval racing or road racing are the result of manipulating the outcome, so the racing writers can sell newspapers, and the tracks tickets, but anyone with an IQ of more then 10 knows what really goes on.

I bbelieve what you wrotte made a ton of sense. However,
think on this, suppose you added a little content?
I mean, I don't want to tell you how to run your website, but suppose you added a title that grabbed a person's attention?
I mean Speed Centre: Bike rider killed; IndyCar, F1, NASCAR - Norris McDonald's Auto Racing Blog is kinda boring.
You could peek at Yahoo's hme page and see how they write newss headlines to grab viewers interested.

You mignt add a video orr a ppic or twwo to get readers interested about everything've written.
Just my opinion, it could make your posts a little bit more interesting.

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