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Maybe you and all the talking heads of oval racing should realize the guy is not that great of a driver, as all he has to do is turn left, and can barely handle doing that anymore

His attitude has come back to bite him in the butt

He is no Seb Vettel when it comes to personality or talent

I agree that as the owner, Stewart has a responsibility to his employees, sponsors etc.

However, the employees, sponsors etc. all should know who they're doing business with. I'm going to bet many on his team LOVE that Stewart is a 'real racer', and are proud to be on his team because of that. That's a risk they knowingly took, that their boss could end up taking one risk too many. Sponsors doubly so... they bought into the image of Stewart: Maverick, not Stewart: Corporate Goodie Goodie.

The IDEAL outcome of all this is that sprint cars find a way to get a little safer.

Pathetic to watch how the Fox channel analysts are toeing the line and refuse to criticise Stewart for this irresponsible venture ending with a fractured leg.
They’ve also said that sponsors of Stewart-Haas know what they are getting involved in with Stewart pursuing other more risky racing. I do not believe that expectation holds up in the board room.

Kyle Petty has disgraced himself with his position. He made himself completely ridiculous on the 6pm program last night on Speed channel.

When Stewart is an owner/driver, it is not the same as if he was just a driver. A team owner must ensure that his drivers – in this case including himself – are showing up in a healthy state at the nascar races, because the stakes are a lot higher in the sprint cup than in the outlaws.

I think Stewart is addicted to testosterone; safer if he injects himself with it than racing sprint cars. Or find a girlfriend, for goodness’ sake!

On the subject of SpeedTV, if you haven't heard yet, we will continue getting it in Canada after August 17, just as we do now. Almost nothing changes for us, except some programs like Wind Tunnel and Speed Center will go away. The rest of the racing programming (Grand-Am, Nascar Truck Series, MotoGP, etc.) now on Speed and Fuel in the US will continue there when those channels rebrand to Fox Sports 1 and 2, but we in Canada will simply continue seeing it on a channel that remains branded as Speed.

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