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You do realize your NASCAR heroes didn't practice today because it is raining.

These guys do not deserve one tenth of the hype the media gives them, since does the rest of the world get a day off from driving to work in the rain?

It makes no sense to have road course races if you will not race in the rain and is that fair to the people that took time off work to spend money so these guys can earn a living? I think not, but help promote the downward spiral of North American racing.

Norris - United Sports Care series... That new name only means something to fans of either previous series. That New York consulting firm that came up with that name is just plain nuts. They should have recommended the new "bosses" to maintain the AMLS name. That means something. And that new common tire supplier, money talks...

Now the 2014 schedule... Daytona, Sebring, Road Atlanta & Watkins Glen - All are owned or leased tracks, so count them into the schedule. Now Mosport or CTMP, It's has always been the third highest for attendance, thus series revenue. The tracks main sponsor is now Canadian Tire,that corporation has a good licensing relationship with NASCAR. Thus I think CTC would not be silent on the 2014 schedule. That's my read.

You should be old enough to recall when drivers raced everything, and the fact is they can die flying to or from the race they are hired to drive in.

The motorsports media needs to stop being mother hens on this and lets get back to seeing who really is the best driver, instead of hearing 24/7 how great the NASCAR guys are. Let them go head to head with the Sportscar, F-1, Indy and whoever else wants to man up like drivers like Moss did, who drove anything anywhere, and he drove it fast!

Instead of making fun of the safety crew, why do you not point out how pathetic NASCAR "racing" has become?

Stop feeding the rip off that is NASCAR by even praising up them road racing, as the number of cautions proves that people just come to see crashes.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Kyle Busch. Regards

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