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The Baltimore track is a disgrace, unfortunately the promoter is an icumbent team owner, so the drivers have no choice but to run on that junk.
Sao Paulo is a great street track but the promoter has given up on it.
There is a month long gap to the next race in Houston, just when the championship fight is at its maximum. Terrible planning.
Meanwhile, Race Control is picking the winner by doing an unacceptably horrible job. (Barfield must be fired, there is no turning back. Ganassi holds the upper hand in that fight.)
The cars are ugly, there are no plans to make them prettier, or more diverse.
No wonder everyone involved screaming bloody murder!

Indycar is a spec car series with rent-a-racer drivers and incompetent officiating available only on a premium cable channel. I'll pass.

CART was doing just fine as a de facto American "GP2" or "F2" (as a feeder series for F1 and NASCAR) until Tony George upset the apple cart, and after all the hell he put the sport through, we're back to the very series he wanted to eliminate - European and South American drivers on street circuits, rather than Yankees on ovals. At least if it was still all ovals and Americans then we can say Tony George's "vision" came true, instead, he set the sport on course to collapse with nothing to show for it. But I think your attack on street circuits isn't totally fair. Obviously everybody wants to try to recreate Monaco, but that's no longer the only street circuit in F1 -- Melbourne, Valencia, and Singapore are also streets. And let's not overlook Mount Panorama in V8 Supercars and of course Le Mans. Streets have their place. But I understand where you're coming from, so many excellent purpose-built road courses passed over by IndyCar in favor of ugly street setups like Toronto and Baltimore.

The fact that IndyCar could brush off future star Jeff Gordon, and then push away Tony Stewart, Danica Patrick, and next James Hinchcliffe, they have no reason to survive. When you see former IndyCar drivers in the NASCAR CANADIAN TIRE series of all places (let alone the trucks or Nationwides) there's a big problem. What's their backup plan, after the Barrichello experiment failed? No team has made an effort to bring Spengler or Wickens home, two rising stars who want F1 rides but will never get them. Could you see F1 trying to push Sebastian Vettel or Lewis Hamilton away? "You're no good, go race stock cars in America..." But that's what IndyCar did.

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