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I agree that wins can, and in some cases should be taken away. However, get your facts straight before your write an article: Yes one of Richard Petty's wins came with an oversized engine, but it was not his 200th win! And the win with that oversized engine could not be taken away because the 2nd place car (a Junior Johnson car driven by Darrel Waldrip) had been quickly loaded up and removed from the track after the race - perhaps its engine was a bit big too???

Nobody will believe another word NASCAR says? Nobody believes them now. Their credibility went out the window a long time ago

Mr author of this article. Before you decide to write an article you may wish to get your facts straight first. Richard Petty DID NOT have an illegal engine when he won at Daytona for his 200th win. The illegal engine was in Charlotte earlier.
I believe you owe the KING an apology for being substandard when it comes to gathering your facts.

Logano didn't cheat, his front springs were loaded too tight (a normal occurrence in NASCAR) and they couldn't get them to bounce back. No competitive advantage. That's not penalty worthy.

If you really think Penske will be treated the same as mwr, you're dreaming. The richmond bribery put them on probation for their 3rd. time this yr. old money multi-millionaires club is exclusive,and always will be in Brian's world.

Tim - you are RIGHT!!! NASCAR's credibility is shot! They change the rules as they go along or they make up new ones to suit THEIR purpose. As MUCH as I once loved NASCAR is how much I despise it now. They have become a JOKE!

Dave - Right on bud! Petty's oversized engine came in win #198 at Charlotte and I remember the deal with Waltrip & Johnson checking OUT! That was funny. But for this guy to besmerch (sp.) the King's 200th win is just pure blasphemy!!! LOL.

Let's put the France family in charge of the NHL and NFL too, make things fun. Who needs stinking referees and penalties? Hell, who needs rules, just let the players make them up as they go.

NASCAR is supposed to be a big-league sport

NASCAR might not realize it but its credibility is on the line here.

Hahahaha! Did I wake up on Mars this morning? What was the line in the Tommy Boyce/Bobby Hart song, you can't lose a thing you never had?

NASCAR credibility has been gone for some time now.Just like politicians they do not do what they say they will do.

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