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None of the implied NASCAR teams last week in my opinion broke the racing rules, other than NASCAR's own "action detrimental to NASCAR", which is a highly subjective and arbitrary clause. By issuing penalties and deciding who qualifies to the Chase, NASCAR is indeed interfering the racing outcome more than the teams do.
Helton should be fired. On Tuesday he has stated that he cannot help Gordon's case of falling out of the Chase because his standing after the race was a "ripple effect" of the Waltrip cars' collusion and no hard evidence can be used to help Gordon. Today, he helped Gordon by adding him as a 13th qualifier (against the rules?!) on no apparent evidence presented why Gordon deserves this!

There was not long ago another example when racing officials openly interfered with the racing. It was at a Grand-Am race last year when officials agreed to meatball/blackflag a competitor at the team's request because the car was about to run out of fuel and the radio in the car did not work. I was stunned they would do that, clearly doing a live benefit for this team versus the other competitors.

It is one thing when racing teams use the rules to their advantage, but another when sanctioning bodies are manipulating racing and making up rules on the fly to suit themselves or selected favourites.

And just two short weeks ago, you and every other scribe lauded this group for bringing their show to Mosport, and now you and everyone are throwing them under the bus, for the very reasons I knew they have no place in the term "sport"

The sanctioning body has always been shady, but social media finally rose and cried for justice, something you and every other media wag should have done years ago when they started making up rules that fly in the face of what a true race is all about.

NASCAR and stock car racing in general always have some kind of gimmick. If you live by a gimmick, you die by a gimmick, plain and simple, and the chase was a gimmick, to get more butts in the seats, since this is all about money.

Thanks for the Laugh-In and Gong Show references Norris. You must be almost as old as me. LOL
Anyway, while I think that NASCAR is doing the right thing, generally speaking, in trying to stop race result manipulation, where in the hell have they been before this?! This sort of thing has been going on for years along with countless yellows for phantom debris. When Brad Keselowski threw his water bottle out the window and famously said: "NASCAR ain't got no rules against littering!", that really summed things up. Their title sponsor should really be Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Baily.

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