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I can't agree with you more.. How many times have we seen teammates leading a race and the front car slow down to let his teammate by to get the point for leading a lap. How is that different than Vickers coming into the pits. They both manipulate the points which all add up at the end of the year. I have been a great NASCAR fan for a long time but their image in my view is starting to wane.. It's sad.

The most common manipulation of the races is done by NASCAR race control, when they see 20 laps to go that the leader is so far ahead nobody can catch him, then they throw a caution for a phantom debris.
If that is not against any standard of ethics of racing, I don't know what.
It is inconsequential what the Waltrips and Hendricks say about how NASCAR operates, because their business case depends, as you say, on NASCAR's blessing.
We need more Scott Dixons in this world who can tell to the racing organization where they belong.

"What is wrong with that?" I can't believe you even asked that question. It's wrong. Period. And for once NASCAR finally did something right.

NASCAR = Bullshitt plain and simple .I agree how can Bowyer escape and waltrip gets hammered? Adding Jeff Gordon another slip by NASCAR I guess Hendricks really has some clout,too sad that the grandstands are starting to look like a high school football game.I stopped watching many moons ago as the taste of NASCAR has lost it's flavour .

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