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If you are going to promote a bunch of rednecks fighting after a race as a great race, make sure you get everyone out to a a UFC event or a hockey game. That is all any oval or NASCAR race turns into is a bunch of fights, because this a group that has zero respect having been raised going in circles.

Even my 75 year old mother thought the finish of the truck race was pathetic. She knows that you never see that kind of crap in Formula One, where the real talented racers race.

Papis finally got sorted out by given the SLAP.
The last corner shenanigans were complete bush league, albeit rather entertaining for the outrage factor.
Please return the name MOSPORT, everybody on TV botched the presently used long and confusing official name of the place. It is called Mosport, nothing else will do.

Re: "cars full of people anxious to get into the place were still backed up for kilometres." If Mosport/CTMP want even bigger crowds as you suggest, they should look at what Sonoma does for their Nascar smackdown(and CoTA for F1, and perhaps others) -- shuttle buses from the nearest metropolitan area for major events.


Maybe instead of luxury coaches they could start with a few school buses leaving from two or three of the GTA Canadian Tire stores with large parking lots. I get the impression those running Mosport don't understand how much of a non-entity they are in the GTA, particularly with people under 40 who aren't old enough to remember the track's 1960s and 1970s heyday of F1 and Can-Am. They could attract a whole new crowd by making a real effort to bring more of them to Mosport, which is what they would have to do today, instead of just relying on the camping crowd as they have until now.

GD, aren't you showing ZERO respect in your comment. F1 is your choice to enjoy, and others like Nascar. I think it is great that the 1st Nascar series race at CTSP was a success. It means that possibly there will be more races here, and perhaps some day a Sprint Cup Race will run here.
You like F1 and others like Nascar. With all due respect, respect other fans choice of which race they prefer to watch.
I think the 50,000+ turn out for the race speaks for itself, not to mention the revenue brought into the area.
Bring it on Nascar, we would love to see a Sprint Cup Series race in out backyard.

Just shows you how stupid people are. Gone to mospoet for years and this was probably the least entertaining but best attended race I i have seen, and I have seen everything. Nascar at its finest. First and last time.

I tried to make up the difference and the Crafton leads the series standings, 47 points ahead of Buescher.

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