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Watched the Singapore Santa Claus Parade. Kind of early for the old gent but there he was in his red sleigh in all his glory. Or was that a Ferrari? Didn't need an Ambien for my morning nap, just tuned in TSN at 7.55am. Woke up once on Lap 17 where there was, gasp, a pass. Good grief!

Only three edits needed in your paragraph to get:

"Hamilton is a world champion who is looking for a team to support him and a car that can win. In McLaren, he has not had the car. They can promise to do better all they want but every year the Red Bull runs away and hides on them."

That was last year when McLaren had a good car, not the dog fighting over 5th in the championship with Force India.

Further to your thesis: If Alonso is putting the ball in Ferrari's court by wanting a contract extention, thereby getting an idea if he's wanted by the team, I will believe your side of things.
But, that's taking conspiracy a long way. And just like last evening, I'll still say your analysis has too many holes in it.
By the way, nice to see you in the infield, and glad that you insist on coming to Canadian racing events. Keep up the good work.

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