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Went to see "Rush" on Sunday afternoon. Then had to rush home to watch Le Mans to get the bad taste out of my mouth.

As long as the press clamours for close racing and derides Vettel type run aways as boring, sanctioning bodies in America will continue to put on "A Show" that endangers people both on and off track.

Identical cars that make it impossible to pass with taking desperate measures to make a pass create these kinds of incidents.

GD, what's more fun, watching cars race in tight packs where there is at least some passing and some inherent risk of crash, or watching Vettel cross the line, wait 20 seconds, then maybe a Mercedes, then another 10 seconds, then maybe a Ferrari....

Now that work has actually started at the site of the proposed Fort Erie "Canadian Motor Speedway", it is starting to sound like it won't be what they've been promising for the last six years (or however long it's now been since they first announced it). Jeff Gordon apparently acknowledged in a radio interview that the oval will not be one mile, but only three quarters of a mile. And it seems the idea to include a 2.6 mile road course (mostly outside of the oval) may now have been dropped or down-sized into something too small for any real road racing.

@ Mike Amuruso

Anything that is artificial that makes racing close is not much better them the wrestling days Hulk Hogan was part of. Do they handicap track meets? Bicycle racing? Motocross or Supercross?

Straight up and may the team with the best driver, engineers and pit crew win

After the NASCAR fiasco one would hope that people would demand better.

Wonderful, again make something too small to be any use. We made the SkyDome too small for an NFL team, we made the ACC too small for the Leafs and Raptors (if any NHL team needed a 25-30K seat arena they're it), we made BMO Field too small to fit the Argos who belong there moreso TFC... and now we go half-ass with CMS so the oval is too small for NASCAR and the road course too small for IndyCar or F1. Might as well not bother building this glorified kart track as it will never see big league racing.

GD, why do they call it the World DRIVERS' Championship when it's not decided purely on driving skill? Constructors' Championship, yes, but the current F1 is clearly not a driving competition. Do you think Vettel could win a championship if he drove for Force India or Marussia?

Three quarters of a mile is not necessarily too small for any Nascar series. It's the same as Richmond, and longer than Bristol and Martinsville. IndyCar also raced at Richmond, although I think it was the shortest track they (IRL, ChampCar, CART, etc.) have raced at in recent decades. And there's no guarantee any of the top series will race there just because they build a track, although you'd think the Canadian Nascar series would probably want to have one two races a year there.

The main negative implication for the reduction to an oval that small could relate to the road course they had been saying they said were going to build. I doubt it would still be possible to incorporate an oval that small into a road course layout that could realistically be used for major events. And they now seem to be talking more vaguely about it as a possible "phase 2" thing they might do if or when they acquire the land for it. (BTW, it was never going to be an F1 level track.)

We should probably be hearing before much longer what the real plan is, but it's just starting to sound like it may not be everything they've been saying it would be.

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