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I have always found it exciting watching Formula Ford drivers race.

I miss seeing a Speed Center type of show (or SpeedWeek, as I think the ESPN similar type of show we saw on TSN through much of the 1980s and 90s was called). I know we can now find information and watch some things on the internet, but it was still better to have an actual television program to encapsulate the racing weekend with video clips and mention news and notes. If not another motorsports channel to replace the presumably lame duck version of Speed with its game show reruns and relentlessly repeated promos for them instead of commercials, hopefully Sportsnet or TSN could at least produce a weekly motorsports news show.

Yes Norris, I would have to agree with your racing guy friend. The new Formula One tracks are about a mile too long and fifty percent too wide. Mosport would make for a far more interesting Formula One race, (show). The Nascar one and a half high banked ovals are also a recipe for boring races. ( Texas, Chicago, Charlotte, etc.)
Hopefully, next year we can look forward to the United Sports car series to be of some interest. I will miss the ALMS though.
The Indy Car series is interesting although the cars seem to be very underpowered.
Thank you for blogs, they are always a must read for me.

Bob Gillespie is correct. F1 is looking more and more "cookie cutter" like NASCAR with those new tracks. India, Abu Dhabi, China, Korea... seen one you seen'em all. F1 needs more Monaco type circuits and courses with lots of hills (Mosport would be a dream, or maybe Mount Panorama in Australia) while NASCAR definitely needs more road courses and maybe introduce the restrictor plate to other 2+ mile ovals (California, Michigan, and Indy) to bunch them up and make it interesting. It's strange how the 2.5 mile Daytona and 2 2/3 mile Talladega need the plates but 2.5 mile Indy doesn't?

Finally, Indy and NASCAR should both ditch the boring Texas Motor Speedway and run their races at Circuit of the Americas in Austin. You want to be relevant, you race at the internationally relevant track.

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