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What's wrong with giving drivers a recognisable number?

In Canada 99 is synonmous with Wayne Gretzky (I assume it's no coincidence that was Greg Moore's number?).

In the USA 42 is Jackie Robinson.

And as you pointed out, Villeneuve was 27.

If they are going to bother numbering the cars at all, they might as well be meaningful numbers. I couldn't tell you what number Hamilton had this year, and I watched every race. I can just tell you it will be a different number next year.

The words "budget cap" and "Formula 1" are mutually exclusive notions.
Five years ago the FIA lured new teams into F1 (including the famous USF1 "effort" headed by Peter Windsor - whom I think still owe us an explanation what had happened)on the premise of budget cap. How did that work out? And where is Hispania Racing today?? How many points Marussia and Catheram earned since they entered F1?

Giving double points in Abu Dhabi is because the sheiks want some guarantee that their race will decide who is world champion in return for the money they pay for the race hosting licence. This shows how corrupt the FIA officials are, how bad to the bone Jean Todt is! Jean Todt has become as corrupt as Juan Samaranch or Sep Blatter!

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