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I'm relatively sure the Speed channel we've been getting in Canada since last August is a only a temporary situation until Fox's remaining contractual obligations with the Canadian carriers expire, and otherwise Fox has no interest in continuing it. Fox stopped distributing Speed to US carriers to replace it with their Fox Sports 1 and 2 channels intended to compete there with ESPN, and of course neither channel is allowed into Canada. The presumably temporary Canada-only Speed has no commercials during the breaks, just very repetitive promos, one for the now defunct Grand-Am series, another for the speed2.com website, which is their authenticated broadband channel for US subscribers only, not useful for Canadians. The only programming of any real value left is the weekend racing coverage (like the Daytona 24 Hours this weekend) that is also on the Fox Sports channels in the US. The rest of the programming is old reruns of the discontinued reality and game shows from the last few years of the US Speed channel. (The Australian Speed channel, which has a great all-motorsports schedule, apparently no longer has any corporate connection to the US TV operation).

Rogers cable has already announced Speed will be dropped as of March 1st, and I would assume it will eventually disappear from Bell and other Canadian carriers before much longer when their contracts with Fox for Speed expire. And despite knowing this was coming for about a year, Rogers makes absolutely no mention of any possibility of replacing Speed with another motorsports-oriented channel, or making any arrangement for their Sportsnet channels to pick up any of the racing we may now miss (Le Mans, United SportsCar, MotoGP, Nascar Truck series, etc.).


Their announcement mentions only "Formula, Nascar, and Izod" (I assume they mean F1, Nascar, and IndyCar) being on other channels, as though they have absolutely no idea that there is any other racing we would want to watch. I've asked them multiple times over the last year about it, and not received a response. If I'm going to have to get home internet service now to watch Le Mans and other racing, I think I'll get it from an independent provider and cancel my Rogers cable.

I am watching the Daytona 24 race and seeing a note on the screen saying that Rogers intends to drop the Speed Channel. I called Rogers and was told that Rogers keeps Speed until February 28.
I asked them to keep the Speed Channel beyond that because it carries content other sports channels don't.

This merger is so NASCARcentric it is disgraceful. When you see all the DP cars up front you realize anybody that bought a P2 car got shafted. The media better call them out on it instead of kissing their butt.

The end of this race was pretty spectacular when you consider that after 24 hours of racing, the DP class had the 21st and 2nd place cars within 1.5 seconds of each other. After racing nearly 2500 miles, 1.5 seconds. And a second car class (GT Le Mans maybe) had three cars within 1.5 seconds of each other. That is awesome, anyway you look at it.

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