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Is there any update on the Speed channel vs Rogers situation?
It sure looks to be going nowhere. Everyone at Rogers, not just the customer service people, seems to have absolutely no clue that racing other than "Formula, Nascar and IZOD" (as the statement on their website calls them) exists, let alone has any TV viewers.

I have no idea how much longer the lame-duck Canada-only version of Speed will last, but as far as I know none of the other carriers have said they will be dropping it yet. As long as the new carrier you get to replace Rogers isn't going to contractually obligate you to keep paying them for a year or two and then promptly drop Speed a few weeks later, you're probably okay with any of them. You should thoroughly check out all available options before you decide, since all have different packaging of channels along with other possible advantages and drawbacks. Depending on where you live, there may be several choices. I had never heard of VMedia before yesterday.

Surely there must be someone somewhere in Canada who realizes there is a reasonable demand for a motorsports channel and could see a great chance to make money by filling this void when Speed does disappear. Almost all of Europe has Motors TV, and even Australia has their own Speed channel.
I saw another suggestion, urging Mosport/CTMP to buy some time on local Hamilton independent TV station CHCH to get some United SportsCar and Nascar Truck Series races televised in Ontario before their appearances at Mosport/CTMP. I had forgotten that station still existed, and it appears much of their weekend programming is infomercials.

Isn't not keeping up with the latest name of the now Sprint Unlimited a bit of revisionist history too? Ah, who cares. At least it was an entertaining race. Much better than the majority of the intermediate tracks put on. Maybe they'd be better races if they were only 75 laps too.

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