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I don't know why Rogers is dropping it, I sent an email to Cogeco and got this response. "Cogeco is unaffected by Rogers decision to remove Speed tv from it's programing, Cogeco will continue to provide Speed TV". So I get to watch the 24hr of Le Mans. :)

Dropping Speed just shows how insignificant customers are to Rogers. Especially the part about your bill be unaffected.....well great Im glad its not going to pay more for less channels.

We need more Cottage Life channels.
Seriously, you must agree that most of what's left of SPEED Canada, sucks.
Nobody watched any other programming on SPEED, but live racing, even before the change to FOX 1.
But at least live races were available. What now?

My apartment building allows only Rogers or Bell. I'm not going to give in and start paying one of them for home internet service, which I'm guessing may be part of the idea behind this. I'll take my laptop to a public library with wifi to watch the first couple of hours of Sebring on that Saturday morning, then later in the evening to a coffee or fast food establishment with free wifi to watch the last hour. And I'll probably do the same thing again for Le Mans in June, except obviously the last hour will be on the Sunday morning.

Speed doesn't exist. Most of the programming for months has been repeats of Nascar's top 10 crashes or those game shows. Rogers & Bell are not the bad guys for dropping a channel and not wanting to pay more money for less live programming.

What you should be writing about is Rogers/Bell needs to get Fox Sports 1.

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