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The Kings comments are correct! I don’t remember reading about all the wins Danica Patrick racked up in different forms of open wheel or the NASCAR Nationwide series nor about any championships she may have won either.

The problems are that NASCAR rigged it so she won the the pole in last years Daytona 500 thus getting herself AND the sport on every newspaper’s front page, every network morning show and late night talk show for a weeks time. The racing media does not have the stones to call her out on her lack of progress in some of the best equipment on the track. I hear an reporter was going to go public on this and NASCAR had his card taken away then accused him in the news media of making racist comments to ruin his career so not to blacken the eye of NASCAR.

Why wont the racing media call her out? because then they (the media) like Richard Petty will be seen as sexists and politically incorrect. Furthermore if she is bashed in the press these same “writers” and “reporters” will not get prime interviews from Ms Danica for there columns, radio (MRN, PRN & SiriusXM) or television networks.(FOX) Grow a pair!

The business that she is still “learning” is crap and an excuse because she is just a marketing tool for the sport and Go Daddy. Tony Stewart should be ashamed of himself for taking a sponsors money just to get a car on the track.

Funny how the King's comments about Dale Jrs lack of winning did make the news. But then again that really is old news.

People want to focus on that one piece comment which was sarcastic. His point that we would not be talking about her last year if she was a male was accurate. You don't typically get lots of exposure running in the 20s and 30s. That's a fact

She is talented and I root for her. Outside of the luck that comes with Daytona or Talladega she doesn't have a high probability of a win based on straight up racing. She doesn't have enough experience to tell her crew how to adjust the car but that would be true for some guys as well that lack experience

Some of the best Open wheel drivers in the world came to NASCAR and failed or only limited success Montoya, Franchitti, Villeneuve,, etc

Kyle and Richard both catch lots of heat for their comments but at their core they are right she's a marketing machine, limited chance for victory even though in competitive car. She needed more time in Trucks, Nationwide but people wanted to sell more tickets, higher ratings, sell more merchandise , etc

I wish her luck and hope she proves the King (my childhood idol) wrong but don't think she can. If only others would be more honest and media less sensational...but don't think they can

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