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You're comments, as always Norris, make a lot of sense. However, the thought of Bernie helping the smaller teams find sponsors made me chuckle. Bernie's focus for most of this year will be trying to stay out of jail whilst also monitoring the current broadcasting consortium's looking to buyout CVC and take control of the F1 business group.

The smaller/midfield teams may catch a break if FIA President Jean Todt can implement a cost control plan in F1 starting next year as he has indicated although I will be interested to see if he manages to swing this buy the big spending teams like Red Bull. Even if he does, quite how this plan will be enforced and monitored will be another fascinating issue. Still, the fact that a midfield team spends north of 100 million and a Red Bull north of 200 million to put two cars on the grid is ridiculous at best and economically obscene at worst.

As for TV viewers turning off, it is happening in some markets but gains have been made in others. Whilst the Vettel/Red Bull partnership will account for some of this, other factors such as many F1 races now being broadcast live on pay TV channels is another with many fans simply not willing to pay to watch what are typically boring races as you say.

Will Red Bull and vettel dominate again this year? They will be contenders for sure but I would also suggest that Mercedes, Ferrari and possibly McLaren stand a better chance this year of taking the fight to Vettel/Red Bull. I do have a feeling though that with the drop in fuel allocation this year that one of the key features of the races this year will be fuel conservation and the strategy around this. Will a driver start all guns blazing and then back-off around mid point to save fuel or vice versa, this concept is hardly what many fans call racing. Time was when sportscar racing was all about race strategy and conservation and F1 focused more on pure speed, seems to me like the tables have turned in recent years. Make no mistake, F1's long-term future as a top flight sport/entertainment medium is cloudy at best unless some clear and decisive decisions are made sooner rather than later.

You really truly do not get that made for TV crap like NASCAR shoves down our throats week in week out is not racing. F-1 is about the best in the world, laying a beating of severe proportions on each other. Pushing the envelope and developing new technolgies.

People have become so accustom to hand outs in sports,like lucky dogs, redraws, inversions, salary caps, and re-alignments (afterall, where the Seattle Seabags not in the AFC West with the Broncos at one time?)that when they see a proper motor race, they do not know what to make of it.

I actually watched every race twice last year, because they were and are proper races.

Gimmicks are for the weak minded.

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