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1,000 bike rings to be reviewed, not removed (but still maybe removed)

We earlier posted that a City of Toronto newsletter called Cyclometer included information about 1,000 bike rings that will be removed from the G20 traffic zone during the summit.

But according to city spokesperson Rob Andrusevich, this information is incorrect and the notice that appeared in the newsletter was an "error."

Councilor Adam Vaughan says 1,000 bike rings are currently being reviewed and considered for removal. Security officials are currently mapping the bike rings so they can decide which ones need to be taken down, he said; those most likely to go are ones near fences that can be used as step ledders, for example.

Vaughan says the error printed in the newsletter resulted from a "broken telephone" situation exacerbated by today's digital age.

"There are a lot of people that are hearing rumours, tweeting about them, sending them back and forth," he explains. "So a memo goes out that they’re to review 1,000 bike posts and suddenly people are like, 'Oh, they’re being removed.'"


Andrusevich said the city will now be issuing a correction on the information in the newsletter.



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Mr Miller must have lots of extra cash to do all this stuff around the G20.
But when the city need something important there is no money.
Why don't they just go out in the middle of the lake on a big boat !

News flash to Vaughan: This wasn't a broken telephone, this wasn't a rumour. This was in the CITY OF TORONTO'S BICYCLE NEWSLETTER and there was no ifs, ands, or buts about what was happening in that newsletter. Hats off to you for tamping down the outrage though!

Excuse me, HELLO! step ladder, you're kidding me right?! Ummm how about all the scaffolding that's currently erected around First Canadian Place, who needs a "step-ladder"?

And, what kind of "terrorist" says hey I was thinking of propelling in from a building top but nah, forget that, my plan for world upset and mass destruction all hinges on whether or not that bike ring is available to me. No wonder this is costing us billions of dollars. The depth of the stupidity here is hurting my brain.

Oh and as an addendum, what do we look new?! Assessing and then deciding which ones are removed - from the cement! You're removing the same 1,000 you initially planned just couching it in typical political pros of b.s. in hopes that we're not enraged at the incredible nonsensicalness involved in this action. Okay mailboxes, etc. understood, but cemented bike posts COME ON! REALLY!

And who is going to ensure that they are put back afterwards?! Like you give a s*@! about the cyclists in Toronto. I think Michael Bryant's full dismissal in his vehicular manslaughter of a cyclist speaks volumes as to who matters and who does not.

Disgusting, and you know what you can do with all of those bike posts btw ...

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