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May 18, 2008


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Keep up the blogging Jim, despite the slow speeds. I know you've never been a big fan of low speed limits where it wasn't necessary. I remember well the days of 300 baud modems when I would dial the phone # on our rotary phone and then put the data-audio-coupler over the handset and mysteriously connected my Commodore computer to wonderful far-away things which I could read faster than the text arrived. So you aren't the only one from that generation.

Still watching the Motoring 2008 repeats on TSN and checking out your other articles,... Keep up the good work. It seems to be an interesting time to be an auto-journalist.

Hope to see you down this way later this summer at Targa 2008!

Hi Jon:

Thanks for the memories! We had a Commodore 64 too - Frogger!!!

I had the microwave dudes out here the other day and maybe that'll work.

And we will be back with Ol' Red, the 2002 MINI Cooper S JCW for this fall's Targa. This will be that car's fifth annual Targa. With two Unlimited Class wins and one third in the past three years, it's been a great car, and we hope to be back on the podium again, although the competition gets tougher every year.

Targa is still the most fun you can have in a car with your clothes on.



Jörg (George) Kranz

Hi Jim, perhaps you should consider using an ISP that has satellite access and can be used anywhere on the globe even while traveling in a moving vehicle? It is available in the US from Verizon or AT&T.

PS I do remember and still have a 300 baud modem (just a board and some wires) which worked with my Sinclair PC and later Timex/Sinclair.

Have fun with this blog!

Hi Jorg:

I don't think those ISPs are offered in Canada - not yet anyway. If you know differently, let me know!

Sinclair! Wow, that's even better than my Epson!

I had the satellite people out here a year or so ago, and they said their satellite was too low in the sky to be "seen" with all my trees.

The microwave guy says he thinks I'll be good to go that way by the end of June but if not, he'll have HIS satellite people have another look.

One way or another, this 40 kpbs nonsense has got to stop.



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