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June 09, 2008


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Reg McMillan

Well Jim
When I read this little comment, I had to chuckle, because it is indeed ironic on many levels.

First we have the environmental person flying along in a big truck spewing out green house gas.

Then we have the auto reviewer who claims to be concerned about safety willfully ignoring the rules of the road traveling 40% over the speed limit (I know you didn’t actually admit that.) and trying to lead us to believe he was only going with the normal flow of traffic.

Finally it is rather ironic that I had just returned from a trip to Pearson Airport and after reading your articles, I had decided to pay attention to the flow of traffic. Sure enough as I was heading down the 404 the traffic was zipping right along at 110 to 112 km per hour.
But wait traffic was fairly light and there was an occasional car racing by in the left lane. At least 1 or 2 percent of the traffic. They were actually covering 1.1 km in the time it took me to go 1 km. Hmm that means they must have been roaring along at 121 km per hour. On my trip across the 401 to Pearson and afterwards up the 400 to Newmarket, I observed similar traffic flow.

There have been times traveling on the 401 where I have observed much faster traffic, but it usually seems to be a group of vehicles traveling in pack and I am sure those in the middle of the pack would think they are following the normal flow, when in reality they are a small percentage.

Just thought I better let you see it from another perspective, or you might think everyone sees it your way.

I do share some of your concerns about the stunt driving law, but maybe I will get into that another time.


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