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June 26, 2008


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*Dislaimer* My Dad is former OPP, as is an older cousin. I like cops, usually go out of my way to defend cops.

Want some irony?

One morning on the eastbound 401 heading to Brampton an OPP cruiser pulled onto the 401 heading eastbound, and proceeded to head right over to the left most lane and reduced his speed to 110kph.

I was in the right hand lane, and observed him coming off the ramp and adjusted my speed accordingly to stay behind him.

Within a few minutes I could see a huge backlog of traffic behind us in my mirrors. Cars were swerving from lane to lane, trying to figure out what had happened to traffic flow. Needless to say, there was none. I decided that this was a dangerous situation (even though all the danger was behind me) and wanted to get away from it. So I inched my speed up to slowly pass the OPP cruiser. I have done this many times in the past (keeping to that rule of thumb, don't be doing more than 15-20 over the speed limit).

Well, I crawled pass the cruiser. His lights came on and he whipped across from the left hand lane to the right hand lane and pulled me over. He proceeded to give me a tongue lashing for daring to pass a "fully marked cruiser".

My ticket? 115kph in a 100 zone. And that was not the "reduced" figure. That was the actual speed I was doing. I was ticketed for doing 15 over the limit on the 401.

After the cruiser pulled away I resumed my commute. Since 115 was such a violation of traffic law, I set the cruise to 110 and stayed in the right hand lane.


I re-adjusted to about 120 and kept up with the flow. And yes the normal flow of the morning commute resumed.

Way I see it, I paid $50 to get that annoying jackbooted [expletive deleted] off of the highway and freed up the highway for the few thousand commuters using it. Small price to pay for some freedom.


What a sad story.

Want some more irony? This OPP officer was violating at least three sections of the Highway Traffic Act himself. Failure to drive in the right-most lane then available for traffic, failure to yield to the right to allow faster traffic approaching from behind to pass - and of course, the speed limit itself.

With HTA Section 172, the police are now judge, jury and executioner too. So, who's policing the police?

Jim Kenzie


I for one would love to see more cops on the 400 series highways pulling people over. I might see 1 cop on the highway during my 12-14 hours of driving a day. Too little presence for me. The left lane should be for passing only. If you are not or can't pass the car in the middle lane, then get out of the way.

Heavy Trucks of a specific length are not allowed in that left lane when posted. But it's so tempting when you are doing about 100 and traffic around you is doing 80....

But those left lane drivers are just as dangerous as the guy driving 20 less than the posted limit on a sunny day.

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