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June 26, 2008


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Brian Williams

Have you noticed this contrast?
- in American TV shows, actors are often shown not wearing their seatbelts in a moving vehicle
- in Canadian and British shows, on the other hand, it has been years since I have seen someone without their seatbelt fastened.



I prefer the Insurance commercial where it shows the woman pull up behind the car at the stop sign. The car fails to go through the stop sign, and the woman passes by cursing. The voice over then goes on to proclaim the you don't drive like her, so why should you pay the same premium.

Fact of the matter is that I do drive like her. If someone pulls up to a stop sign (and in the commercial there did not appear to be any reason not to go after coming to a stop), and decides to sit there for an extended period of time enjoying the scenery, then, yeah, I'd probably be pretty peeved too.

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