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June 09, 2008


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Alain Picard

I agree, great job by Kubica! This track really makes the best drivers stand out. I'm so sick of hearing those whiny little comments about the track. Just go out and race, it's your job. Kubica did just that, and killed it on the track.


Your best and worst of F1, along with Sir Jackie's recent comments on his book tour, make me realize how things have changed - for the better! Stewart's teammate, Francois Cevert, won one F1 race in his career, the US at Watkins Glen, and later would be killed there. Had nothing changed in the sport, Kubica might have met the same fate in Montreal. Instead, he survives not only to fight again, but to win. History is reversed, and as a fan of the late, great French competitor, I like to think his loss, and Sir Jackie's subsequent campaign for driver safety, contributed to that achievement.

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