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June 06, 2008


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Excellent articles Jim. I have a lot of friends who drive at 120-130 but DON'T want higher limits because they think that whatever you set it at that people will go 20-30 over anyways. While there may be a v small minority that would, for the most part this is false.

I can think of 2 roads near where I live which contradicts this. They actually have reasonably set limits and for the most part all the vehicles follow them, maybe maximum 5km over. One is Derry Rd in Mississauga between Mavis Rd and Mississauga Rd. The limit here is a very reasonable 80km/h. Go check it out any time of the week, you will rarely see anyone over 85-90. Another road is Britannia (again in Mississauga) between Hurontario and Mavis. The limit is again 80 and again you rarely see speeding here.

Another thing on these roads that you'll never ever see-- a speed trap!

I really think the police like the lower limits because it generates revenue and it gives an excuse for them to pull you over if they want to 'check you out'. Plus the municipalities and the insurance companies benefit financially as well.


At least you can have your day in court when you get that fine in Quebec, and won't lose your car & license for the week.


I was in Montreal for the Grand Prix as well and noticed those signs as well. But to add a little context, this was for a freeway which has a posted speed limit of 70 km/h. So basically for exceeding the speed limit by 60 km/h you're getting a fine of $893 and 10 demerit points, which was comparable to the fines you would have received in Ontario before the new street racing law came into effect.

Jon Vernon

Hefty penalties for going over 130kph? Why not?! You have cited previously that rigorous enforcement works in France to keep people under the 130kph speed limit. Of course, there is a difference here in that the limit in Quebec is well under this, but don't we need measures like this to stop people from driving ridiculously fast - without resorting to misguided legislation like the "street racing" law?

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