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July 06, 2008


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Jim James

Ya mean you're not going to be a Hutches tonight (07/07) for the cruise in and Elvis comp?! Seems like not many remember the good 'ol Elvis of his svelte days but rather the old(er) Elvis of his 200lbs+ days. It's a hoot to see the somewhat overweight impersonator do their Elvis thang).


When can we expect to hear your "professional" opinion on the greatest driving experience I've ever been part of...World Class Driving?

Jim Kenzie

A bit late getting to this one, I'm afraid - when you travel as much as I do it can be tough keeping up!

Sorry to have missed this event - too many cruises, too few weekends.

We did catch the Milton Cruise last night - again, watch for more in next week's Wheels print edition.

As for Elvis, sometimes memories are best left as memories.

Jim Kenzie

I am waiting to try a couple of other similar programs, another in the US and one right here in Canada, and report on all of them at once. Meanwhile, I'm glad you enjoyed your day - so did I.

For a preview of what Ernest and I are talking about, other readers may want to check out:


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