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July 12, 2008


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Tyson Cragg

I have been rattling my filings out on the stretch of 401 from Guelph to Dixie Rd. every day for the past four months wondering the same thing. I couldn't decide which was worse: the potholes or the grooved pavement. Certainly frost could not have been the reason, since it took until July to get it done (and there are still portions of the left lane that are "groovy").

S Frost

It's interesting too that in the eastbound sections that had been cut with grooves, they have been re-cut with much finer grooves before getting paved.

It seems that the teeth-chattering, ear-splitting deep grooves that have been there for 4 months might have been deeper than what was necessary for repaving.

Heck, the finer grooves are almost pleasant to drive on. Could they not have done this in a two-step process to give us fine grooves if the plan was to leave them for four months?

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