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August 17, 2008


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Maybe if construction/road work areas were more clear, this "yo-yo" wouldn't have pulled such an idiotic move. Sure, your article doesn't exactly prove my point (how hard can it be to interpret such a scenario?). However, take, for example, my personal experience: Driving home in East York on a Thursday morning, I noticed a road crew parked on the side of the road. Their purpose was unclear, however their true motives became known after stepping out of my vehicle: They had been painting the road lines, and unfortunately for me, the paint had been strewn across the side of my van after I drove over them. Luckily I drive a 13 year-old Mercury Villager (being 17 years old myself, I don't have much of a budget), but what if I piloted a $80,000 Mercedes-Benz? I'm sure I wouldn't take the situation quite as lightly.

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