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August 24, 2008


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Annaka Martin

I'm a faithful reader of your blogs and stories in the Toronto Star. Actually I refer to you as the "Car Guru"....you have an amazing ability to put what I think are sometimes complex issues into very understandable terms.

Well, talk about serendipity. Your blog on "Hot Shoes" really hit home for me a few days ago when I was sporting a pair of very cute and sexy sandals while I was out driving doing some errands. I was making a right turn from a private parking lot onto a main street and my view was a bit obstructed from the left by some landscaping and I didn't at first see a fast on-coming car. He was far enough away for me to brake BUT... my sandal caught on the throttle and I almost didn't get to the brake in time.

Scary indeed.

That was one of those forehead slapping moments where I said to myself, "Kenzie, you are so right!"

Jim , you will be pleased to know that I now have a pair of cute but comfortable shoes that I keep in my car that I slip on before I drive anywhere. It's so easy and so much safer - for everyone.

Art Digout

Funny you should mention Mephisto. I drive in my Mephisto sandals all the time and they stay put, don't get caught in anything, are as safe to drive in as any shoe, are the most comfortable footwear I've ever worn, and didn't cost my life's savings since I bought them in French territory. I agree with you, though, that a lot of people drive in unsafe footwear.

Ron Lessley

Great piece on footwear. In it you mention your Pilotis which is easier mentioned than purchased. Where do you buy the things?
I've seen them advertised in automobile magazines but I'm having a hard time finding them at GTA retailers.

Jim Kenzie

Hi Art:

Good question. I acquired mine in the US. They do have a web site though - www.piloti.com - and under "dealer locator / International" they show four Canadian dealers, two in the GTA.

Hope this helps!



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